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We have trained every single medical specialty: Plastic surgeons, obstetricians, ER docs, psychiatrists, family physicians, opthomologists, rheumatologists, vascular surgeons, hematologists, pathologists, general surgeons, neurosurgeons, hepatobiliary surgeons, physiatrists, neurologists, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, ICU physicians, respirologists, orthopedic surgeons and more. Literally every discipline. Furthermore we have trained RNs, LPNs, RPNs, NPs, Naturopaths, Physician Assistants and more. 

Recognizing that Aesthetics Medicine is indeed real medicine and the field is growing rapidly there exists great opportunity.  Our alumni are constantly reaching out with a resounding “this was the best decision I have ever made” and we are so proud to be a part of so many successful aesthetic journeys.

Close up of Dr. Andree Dargie teaching and performing live aesthetics treatment on Michele Romanow in front of audience

Why Medical Aesthetics?

The answer is simple. Higher earning potential, regular hours, no nights, happy clients who appreciate you, getting to work with your hands, being excited for work, being an entrepreneur and creating your own niche within medicine. 

As the world of aesthetics becomes destigmatized and mainstream, there is such opportunity that exists. Most medical professionals, regardless of discipline, would likely love medical aesthetics once they have learned what the career entails. Our thousands of alumni have got to experience firsthand what it means to become an injector and deliver an incredibly valuable service to patients. 

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