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The potential return on investment (ROI) from taking one of our medical aesthetics programs is second to none. The skillset we teach is both personally and financially rewarding. Our alumni receive the most practical education in the most efficient way and at a cost that is minuscule relative to the upside of this career. Ask our alumni what they think of the cost of education once they are practicing and there is a resounding consensus this is the best education value. 

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the botox course is less than $5000 and can be completed in less than a week. This career changing skillset can pay for itself in effectively no time. Regardless of whether you start your own clinic or work for someone else, injector jobs are more lucrative than hospital wages, regardless of discipline. Do the math - and the value is unparallel. the botox course has been the best investment many of our alumni have made in their entire life.

At Stanford, a two year full-time MBA program costs $185,000 USD.

The average income of after graduating from Stanford MBA is $182,000/year USD.


At Harvard, a 4 year undergraduate degree costs $334,000 USD.

The average income 6 years after graduating from Harvard is $97,000/year USD.


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Here's an important perspective. If you  invested $1,000,000 what would be a conservative ROI?  Let's say 5% in a GIC. That’s $50,000/year of return on a $1,000,000 investment.

Compare  the ROIs

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We hope this puts things in perspective. the botox course has a ROI that is second to none. Most importantly you are investing in yourself, your career and your own personal and professional satisfaction. 


It is important to highlight that taking the wrong medical aesthetics program can be severely detrimental. Investing to learn the wrong techniques, dosing and injection patterns could lead to patient lawsuits, career jeopardy and disaster. This is why we strongly encourage all injectors to read why the botox course, the filler course and our Aesthetics Mastery program are so different from other aesthetics programs and the best investment a medical professional can make.

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