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Gold Standard

the botox course was founded in 2018 by a group of like-minded physicians, nurses and business professionals who wanted to address the paucity of credible injectables training programs. Six years ago, most training programs were one-day combo neurotoxin - filler programs with little to no hands on training. There was no Gold Standard. But the botox course and the filler course have changed the face of aesthetics education. Our program was the first nationwide aesthetics education program and its growth is a testament to the quality and care that was invested in ensuring all graduates receive the highest quality of training available.

the botox course was founded upon principles of integrity, evidence-based medicine and ensuring a pipeline for medical professionals to succeed and enjoy the satisfaction of becoming great injectors. We have been steadfast in our commitment to improving the standards of aesthetics education and offering the greatest value to our alumni. 

The impetus for creating our Gold Standard education program stemmed from an all too common experience medical professionals faced obtaining this particular skillset. Spending too much money and time while receiving minimal hands-on training, learning conflicting information and not feeling safe starting to practice. Our programs were designed to be the highest standard, so that any medical professional who registers can be confident in their investment and reflect positively on their training experience.

Dr. Dargie performing aesthetics treatment.
Learners conducting aesthetics treatment.
Dr. Andrew Dargie discussing treatment plan.
Dr. Andrew Dargie in front of the CN Tower in Toronto Ontario Canada
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