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Us vs Them

Our best testimonials come from alumni who have enrolled in other training programs prior to taking the botox course. There is resounding consensus that they wish they had only taken the botox course or the filler course as their chosen aesthetics program. All of these ‘Boards’, ‘Institutes’, ‘Associations’ ‘Federations’ and  ‘Societies’  are private training programs and not regulatory bodies. 


Choosing the right education is key to success in any career.  Simply put, the botox course and the filler course offer more hands-on injection training experience than any other aesthetics training course. Our courses are designed and operated by medical doctors and our alumni success is unparalleled. 

Image by Bia W. A.

What is the most important question you should ask yourself when choosing a private medical aesthetics training academy? Who gives me the highest value education that sets me ahead of the competition and ensures my success.

The answer is simple. the botox course.  No other training program offers the value of the botox course, the filler course or the Aesthetics Mastery Program. We strongly encourage all those interested in medical aesthetics – whether they are new to the field or an experienced injector looking to take their practice to the next level to read our reviews, testimonials and directly compare us to the competition. 

We deliver for our alumni and work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

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