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Questions to ask when selecting a botox training course

The medical aesthetics industry is teeming with many exciting career opportunities, and getting into this industry through...

Questions to ask when selecting a botox and medical aesthetics training course

The medical aesthetics industry is teeming with many exciting career opportunities, and getting into this industry through medical aesthetics training means having to choose the right course for you to invest your time and money into is a big decision! 


Here are some helpful questions to consider when researching training programs.


Is this program anatomy focused?


Botox is a neurotoxin that can be injected intramuscularly to relax dynamic wrinkles. Neurotoxins can also be used therapeutically to treat a variety of other medical conditions, such as hyperhidrosis, TMJ and migraines. In order to administer neurotoxins correctly, one needs to have a basic understanding of the complex facial anatomy. There are many nerves, muscles and blood vessels present beneath the skin, and care needs to be taken while injecting. An awareness of these muscles will help the injector treat patients more accurately and produce excellent results. the botox course is anatomy-based, teaching you the relevant anatomy in online learning and then putting your knowledge to work when landmarking injection points in the hands-on training.


Will I have enough hands-on training?


In order to put your new skillset into practice, you need to have as many injection experiences as possible in a safe and supervised environment. This is why the botox course provides up to ten hours of hands-on injecting opportunities where you get to inject all relevant areas, including the upper face, mid-face, lower face, neck and therapeutic areas. 


Will I be provided with the skill set and knowledge to integrate neurotoxin injections into my practice?


A botox and medical aesthetics training course should provide the clinical and interpersonal skills that are necessary to deliver the best service to patients. In addition, you should learn how to deliver this service to your patients from the initial consultation to follow-up treatments. the botox course maps out the patient treatment sequence, all the way from collecting your patient’s past medical history to assess them at a follow-up appointment. 


Who is teaching the neurotoxin training?


It is crucial to learn neuromodulator injecting from experts in the field who have years of experience. You want to be taught by medical professionals who have seen it all and are excited to pass on their knowledge. That’s why the educators at the botox course are motivated, highly experienced expert injectors that are passionate about teaching. All of the educators at the botox course want to see their learners succeed in neuromodulator injections.


Will I learn about all the different nuerotoxins?


While BOTOX® is a well-known product, there are a variety of neurotoxins on the market that are used for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. At the botox course, we teach you about the different kinds of neuromodulators such as BOTOX®, Dysport® and XEOMIN®. It is important to understand the differences and similarities as well as the pricing of different products so that you can provide the most comprehensive service possible to your patients. 


Do I have the opportunity to learn about other medical aesthetic procedures?


the botox course does not hold any information back from learners. Bring your questions about different procedures and the industry at large. We also offer the filler course, a comprehensive and all-inclusive course on dermal filler injections. 


Does this program teach the business of botox?


the botox course contains an entire module dedicated to teaching you the business of neuromodulators. By the end of the course, you will understand how to consent and review client intake forms, the patient treatment sequence, billing and insurance and the different marketing platforms and strategies available to grow your medical aesthetics business.

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