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Ageing Gracefully: Not Just for Women

Learn about how aesthetics training and administration can help men age gracefully.

Ageing Gracefully with Aesthetics Training and Administration

Taking care of ourselves is an integral part of ageing gracefully. Traditionally, advertisers and the fashion and cosmetic industries have focused largely on women and, most often, very young women. In the last couple of decades, these industries have broadened their focus to include maturing women. And most recently, men have become a targeted group as well.

More and more men are considering aesthetic services administered by professionals with aesthetics training. Why? Because older men also are more interested in caring for themselves as they age. One of the main goals of both the thebotoxcourse and thefillercourse are to educate doctors and nurses on how to help all of their clients age gracefully.

Our Interview with a 66-year-old man after being treated by Dr. Dargie:

Interviewer: Have you ever had any aesthetic treatment before?

Male Client: No.

Interviewer: Why did you consider getting aesthetic treatment at this time in your life?.

Client: I was very impressed with Dr. Dargie’s treatment of my wife. She had seen some of the results of Dr. Dargie’s work with mature people and liked the fact that the enhancements were so subtly done. She decided to be a model for thebotoxcourse and thefillercourse. The outcome of her treatment was really nice, yet really natural. Nothing was overdone.

Interviewer: So, you decided to go for a consultation?

Client: Yes. My wife told me that Dr. Dargie treats many men, so I went for a consult. I felt a little bit weird going, but Dr. Dargie put me at ease very quickly. I didn’t plan on getting any treatments, but after my consultation, I felt confident that he understood what I wanted. I didn’t really want to look very different.  I didn’t want people to say, “What happened to your face?” I just wanted a little help. My forehead frown lines were deep. What was really bothering me was the downturn at the corners of my mouth. The creases were getting deeper and harder to keep clean at mealtimes, and I thought they made me look older and grumpy.

Interviewer: So what did you decide?

Client:  Dr. Dargie said that both these problems were easily fixable, and I decided right there and then to have Dr. Dargie treat both these areas of my face.


Interviewer: Are you happy with the results?

Client: I am really happy with the results of both treatments. But I am most happy with the outcome at the corners of my mouth. I feel like he shaved 15 years off of me. What I liked most about getting treated by Dr. Dargie is that he listened to me and he didn’t push for other treatments. 

The shift in societal attitudes toward aging and self-care has led to an increased focus on aesthetic services for both men and women as they mature. In the past, the beauty and cosmetic industries primarily targeted younger women, but now they are recognizing the importance of catering to a wider audience, including older individuals. Men, in particular, are becoming more interested in taking care of themselves as they age, seeking aesthetic treatments administered by professionals with aesthetics training.

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